Aura Control Panel

Control each and every aspect of your indoor air quality

A professional pure air producer for
your home


Meet Aura Control Panel,
air quality guard for your business

Embedded in your preferred BMS or operating as a standalone - Aura does it all. Control multiple units easily, predefine your indoor air quality standards and operation, and save energy and costs.
Third party integration
Create the optimal work environment, using recommended WELL and RESET rules.
Get regular detailed reports to monitor your air quality.
Low maintanence
Cost-effective and simple maintenance plans for each essential filter.


Our unique AI-powered algorithm can control hundreds of devices at any given moment. Choose between operating with the Control Panel as a standalone, or integrating it with your existing Building Management System (BMS). Receive data analytics in real-time via one open and intuitive API platform.


With the Aura Control Panel, you can track your devices with ease. From each unit's name and location to their individual filters' cleanliness status - you are in full control, 24/7. The Control Panel keeps you up to date - always.